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Prenatal Parenting Programme

The Wise Hippo Prenatal Parenting Programme is a unique session that is attended between 16 and 26 weeks but is also beneficial to parents at any stage of the pregnancy.  Whilst being pregnant can be a joyful experience it can also bring with it many concerns and worries.

In just 3 short hours we can teach you how to deal with any situation that arises in a way that is right for you and your baby. 

Course content includes:

  • Understanding your emotions
  • Looking after you
  • Bonding with your baby 

Duration:  3 hours   Cost: £50.00
(plus an additional £18.00 for course manual and MP3s)

Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

The Wise Hippo Birthing Program is a complete 10 hour programme that runs as 4 x 2.5 hour classes. Courses are either held in small groups or on a private 1 to 1 basis.  Course content includes:

Class one
Exploring the mind/body connection, the physiology of birth and the impact of fear, acknowledging pain, taking charge of your thoughts.

Class Two
Breathing, relaxation, anchoring and self hypnosis techniques to prepare you for the birth of your baby.

Class Three
Prenatal bonding, choices for birth, physical preparations for birth, fear release exercises.

Class four
Positions for birth, the power of positive touch, birthing partner’s role, techniques for labour and birthing your baby, when baby arrives.

Group classes
The benefits of group classes are that parents get to meet other parents and can make lasting friendships. Pregnancy can sometimes feel isolating and having support network from other parents can be very valuable.  I run small group classes in Dorchester.  The cost of group course is £37.00 per session per couple plus an additional one off payment of £21.00 is required for the course workbook and MP3 downloads.  The total cost of a group course is £169.00.

Private classes
I also teach private one to one private classes at The Pregnancy and Wellness Centre at Winfrith,  near Dorchester,  The cost of a one to one course is £50.00 per 2.5 hour session plus an additional one off payment £21.00 for the course workbook and MP3 downloads. Total cost of a 1 to 1 course is £221.00)

Confident Caesarean Section

Do you already have a caesarean planned, or think you may be planning one? This programme is for those of you who have made the decision that a Caesarean section is ‘the right birth on the day’. It is important that you have felt completely involved in the decision-making, as women who fully understand the need for a Caesarean section are more likely to feel positive about their birth.

Many of the techniques in the full Wise Hippo Birthing Programme are suitable for helping you to stay calm and make informed choices; however, this programme has been written specifically for the issues involved in choosing a C-section.

Course content over 3 sessions includes: discussion on how you feel about your upcoming caesarean, the mind-body connection, relaxation, breathing and self hypnosis techniques, taking charge of your thoughts, and dealing with negative influences, how to reduce anxiety and release fear, birth planning and  confident caesarean preparation, plus other information.

Duration:   3 x 3 hour session      Cost: £50.00  (per private 1 to 1 session)
(NB: plus additional £18.00 for course manual and MP3 downloads = Total cost of course £168.00)

Wise Hippo Postnatal Parenting Workshop

A facilitated set of 4 workshops to help prepare pregnant women and their partners for early parenting.  The 4 workshop topics include: breastfeeding, taking care of a newborn baby, sleeping and taking care of yourself.

Duration:   4 x 1.5 hour session      Cost:  £15.00 per session (group)
(NB: Plus additional £18.00 for course materials)

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Helen Rigler: 07766 691080
Jane Pardoe: 07918 028969